KRAV MAGA, in Hebrew «contact combact«, is the official system of fight and self defense of the Israeli Army.

KRAV MAGA takes advantage of the instinctive reactions of the human body to any threat, to enhance and perfect them in order to create its attack/defense techniques.

KRAV MAGA is characterized by being:

  • Fast:  Since human body reacts spontaneously to the threat, the speed of this reaction is higher than in other martial arts.PIC_0162
  • Instinctive: Once again, KRAV MAGA stands out because of its perfection and development of the spontaneous and instinctive reactions of the human body, so it doesn’t require any complex or unnatural movements.
  • Simple: Complex techniques in their execution end up in confusion and making mistakes in the moment of having to use them in a real enviroment out of the gym. For that reason, one of the basis of KRAV MAGA is its simplicity in the techniques that don’t lead us to making possible mistakes in a critical moment.
  • Effectiveness: Simplicity and speed in its techniques, make KRAV MAGA a very effective self defense system, that only looks for a way of solving a conflict the most effective and fastest way.

KRAV MAGA develops body combact techniques as well as self defense techniques against any kind of weapons.