Who we are

Some of KMN13 constituents

Some of KMN13 constituents

We are a group of people from very different backgrounds, and our passion for KRAV MAGA keeps us together. Contrary to popular belief that KRAV MAGA is only trained by expert fighters, in our academy we aim to strengthen the three main pillars of our socity, respect, humility and effort.

In our academy there are students, gardeners, doctors, policemen, air traffic controllers, soldiers, … there isn’t any social or cultural difference among us, we make part of one same thing, which is KRAV MAGA.

In the same way, we think it is also necessary to grow intelectually as well as phisically (Mens sana in corpore sano) so we don’t understand violence for violence, we think that the best fight is the one that is solved peacefully. We try to use our best weapon, which is the intelligence, but we get ready in case it fails.